Balanced Reflections 


A Warm Welcome

Balanced Reflections website is dedicated to you in gratitude.

You are unique. You are a beautiful, wondrous expression of Creation’s intent. The multi-verse would be lacking without you and your contribution. Your Truth, your ethics, your integrity are vital. Thank you for being

Our purpose is to help people be the best that they can be. To facilitate your building for yourself a platform of Grace and Certainty by finding a greater sense of awareness from within.

Our intention is to give honour and respect to all; to show that truth and wisdom combined with love unite us all-as-one, each a valued soul who contributes to life and evolution.

This path is of a growing recognition of relationship to the whole. With deeper and deeper realisations grasped, and connectedness experienced, the veils of illusion that obstruct clear thinking are removed; developing greater intuitive consciousness of reality.

May the beauty we love be what we do, for there are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground. May all sentient beings be enriched with happiness and be the cause of happiness.

Long life, honey in the heart, no evil, thirteen thank yous.



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Artwork by Ian MacKay